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Active Ingredients

Due to the lack of FDA regulations, dietary supplements often do not contain active ingredients. Low quality supplement companies will often exclude the active ingredient the consumer is looking for by several ways. Here are several criteria which a supplement producer must pass in order to be considered by our doctors.

  • Use the proper part of a plant. Stem vs. flower vs. leaf vs. roots. Many times one part of plant has the most active ingredients which in turn will demand a premium price. Low cost products often do not have enough active ingredients to make a difference in a person’s health.
  • Use the correct plant, oil, etc. Believe it or not, some companies don’t even use the correct ingredient.
  • Proper cultivation, harvesting, drying/extraction/processing, handling and storing of the ingredients because it makes a huge difference in the activity of the ingredients.
  • Purity of the product needs to be insured since low quality supplement companies cut expensive herbs with cheaper ones or fillers to cut manufacturing costs. This may lead to sub-clinical results and/or safety concerns.
  • The active ingredients must have quantified activity or standardization. This so a doctor can ensure the proper dosage each and every time so a response to treatment can be properly evaluated.

Independent laboratory testing to verify the supplement contents.