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The Three causes of subluxations


  1. Physical Stress: Items which fall under this category include many of the most obvious spinal stressors such as sports injuries, motor vehicle crashes, work injuries, birth, daily activities and physical activities. Other less obvious physical stressors include poor posture, chronic repetitive motions, sleeping postures, bedding and work ergonomics.

  2. Mental Stress: Mental stress is rampant in our society. Work, finances, terrorism, family schedules, relationships, negative news, crime, global warming, peer pressure all add to muscle tension along the spine resulting in subluxations.

  3. Chemical Stress: Air pollution, water pollution, food additives, cosmetic chemicals, drugs, pharmaceuticals, smoking, excessive alcohol, sugar, artificial sweeteners, imitation foods and heavy metals add additional stress to the body as it tries to defend itself from this multi-front assault. Body resources which would normally be used to maintain optimum health are now diverted to defense and elimination mechanisms. Organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin are forced consume greater nutrient resources while functioning under increasing demands to eliminate toxins whereas structural tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons and bone) may be compromised. Chemical stressors can produce direct damage to organs such as stomach, intestines, lungs, liver, kidney, heart and skin which in-turn produces increased nerve activity from the organs to the spinal column and brain. If it the organ is overloaded it my produce a viscero-somatic (organ to muscle) reflexes which results in muscle spasms along the spinal column.