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Dosages may have a large range depending on several factors including; size, age, gender, physical health status, mental health status, health goals, product quality, drug use, dietary choices, supplemental use, profession/environmental exposures, social factors, etc. There are two distinct approaches with respect to dietary supplement dosing; maintenance and therapeutic.

Within the maintenance category there are two philosophies on determining base amounts.

  1. FDA recommended Daily Values which are listed as percentages in the far right column of a label. For example, 2 capsules of Blue Ice Pure Cod Liver Oil contains 100% of the Daily Value for Vitamin A. The Daily Values are set by determining the minimum value needed to prevent serious diseases in a portion of the population. They are not specific to an individuals needs.
  2. Optimum daily values are those values which are used to help maintain optimum health. So far, there is no consensus on the amount for these values due to the many variables listed above. However, there is an insurmountable amount of scientific evidence which indicates the Daily Values are sorely inadequate for maintaining health in the majority of the population.

Therapeutic amounts are usually much higher than maintenance amounts and are intended to help the body repair or restore proper function. Due to the higher dosages involved with therapeutic supplementation, individuals should be monitored by a health care provider with a background in nutritional counseling.