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Three Phases of Chiropractic Care


As chiropractors who are concerned with your health we always recommend regular chiropractic check-ups as well as achieving and maintaining the highest attainable phase of care possible. The ability for some patients to progress to phases 2 and 3 may be limited depending on the age and condition of each individual when chiropractic care is initiated. Therefore it is important to start chiropractic early in life and maintain your spinal care throughout life. After all, if your spinal column is neglected it may lead to various severe conditions which will require hazardous invasive medical procedures.

Acute Phase (I): This is the most common phase for which patients seek out a chiropractor for treatment. This phase is often times initiated by an injury or painful area which the patient seeks to gain relief from. Treatments are initially administered at a frequency of three or more times per week for a duration of one month to two years depending on the severity of your condition. The common everyday use of acute-phase chiropractic care has produced the misconception that chiropractic is a pain relieving therapy. When, in fact, chiropractic is more optimally used as a preventative type therapy. Often, by the time you develop pain, your spinal condition is already deteriorated to Stage two, three or four degeneration. This would be similar to asking your dentist to clean your teeth to stop the pain you’re experiencing from a rotten tooth from years of neglect.

The good news is, the majority of chiropractic candidates will see significant reductions of their symptoms by utilizing phase I. Unfortunately, this often clouds the patient’s perception of why they started chiropractic treatment in the first place, which was to locate and eliminate the cause of the pain versus simply covering up the symptoms. The truth is that phase I is only the beginning of what chiropractic can do for your health.

Remodeling Phase (II): Patients who understand the long term benefits to holistic health will enter this phase to attempt to correct underlying structural and/or functional spinal conditions which may be producing nerve interference. They understand that a small early investment will pay off with huge rewards in the end with more productive, healthier, enjoyable lives. In this phase your chiropractor will attempt to correct the intersegmental and global spinal areas and bring them as close as possible to normal standards. This phase often takes much longer than Phase I, however clinic visits are not as frequent.

Maintenance Phase (III): This phase is for those individuals who have successfully made it through Phase II as well as those who are unable to achieve near normal standards. Patients will use this phase to maintain any prior corrections achieved through Phases I or II. If your condition is too far degenerated to go through the remodeling phase, the maintenance phase is strongly recommended to prevent any further degeneration. Treatment in Phase III is recommended for a lifetime and frequently requires less often visits than Phase II.