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Synthetic Ingredients

Low quality supplements often contain synthetic or low quality vitamins and minerals which cause imbalances and are a detriment to the body. Here are a few common examples.

Vitamin A Retinol Cod Liver + Butter Oil Mix (Natural source)
  Retinoin Palmitate
Vitamin E dl-alpha tocopheryl Combo of d-alpha, beta, delta, gamma tocopherol
    Combo of Alpha, beta, delta, gamma tocotrienol
    Cod Liver + Butter Oil Mix
Vitamin D Ergocalciferol Cholecalciferol and
    Cod Liver + Butter Oil Mix
Vitamin K Menadione Menaquinone 4 or 7 ( K2)
    Cod Liver + Butter Oil Mix
Cod liver Oil Most contain synthetic or manufactured vitamins
A & D
Green Pastures
Dr. Ron’s Ultra Pure
Radiant Life
Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalmine Methylcobalmine, Hydroxycobalmine
Selenium Sodium Selenite Selenomethionine