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Instrument Assisted Chiropractic Adjustments – Through the use of highly researched instrument adjusting techniques (Activator Method and Impulse IQ) (links) we are able to gently and effectively correct your subluxations and allow your body to heal itself. Our primary chiropractic adjusting technique is the Activator Method chiropractic technique that was developed in the 1960’s to improve the safety and comfort for chiropractic patients. Today it is one of the most scientifically researched techniques in chiropractic and the most widely used low force technique in the world.

Activator Methods

All of our doctors are Advanced Proficiency Rated which is the highest attainable rating within the Activator Methods chiropractic technique. Some of the benefits of instrument adjusting techniques include: 

1) Very specific adjustments
2) High velocity adjustments for quicker comfortable adjustments your muscles are less likely to resist
3) Variable setting allowing for personalization to each body size and type
4) No cracking or popping sound
5) Limited twisting of the spine for further increased level of comfort and safety

Impulse IQ

The Impulse IQ instrument is intelligent in optimizing spinal motion through its multiple variable thrusts matching the ideal spinal frequency. Through research it has been shown that low force adjusting tools help doctors effectively move specific spinal and extremity segments with the use of less force. Precise Activator Method leg-checks are used to find both spinal and extremity subluxations. 

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  • "I met Dr. Bill playing basketball one night when I had a strange nervous system injury occur. From the beginning, Dr. Bill graciously guided me through the investigative process, providing a wealth of information and guidance. As a almost 30-year old, I was completely unfamiliar with chiropractic services and Dr. Bill took the time to explain what and why he was doing a certain procedure. As we dug deeper, my symptoms warranted outside consultants, which Dr. Bill again graciously guided me to and through those processes. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bill to a friend."
    Zach F.
  • "Drs. James, Matthew and Bill Boots are absolutely the best chiropractors!! They all use a proven Activator technique that is effective and gentle. I recently moved from Kimberly to Florida to help my in-laws had have gone to 7 chiropractors in Florida. None compare with Boots. If you live in Wisconsin, be thankful you have access to the best -- Boots Chiropractors!!"
    Linda V.
  • "Very helpful and all 3 are knowledgeable. Been going to them for over 4 years now."
    Todd H.
  • "Have been taken care of by the Boots family all my life. Always great results from all the doctors. Very accommodating to get me in when I need an adjustment the most. They explain what they are doing and why, which is helpful as a client. Able to treat all ages. Has made a big impact on my growing family."
    Angela B.
  • "Can't thank Dr. Jim and Dr. Bill enough for the care I have been given over the years. I've been to other chiropractors but this is the best care I have received anywhere. Dr. Matt is a welcome addition to the team. Everyone is caring and the doctors dig deep to find the best way to heal your health problem. Very accommodating to the hours you work as well so you don't have to wait days in pain to get help. Thank you all for your stellar care."
    Doris S.